Friday, May 9, 2014

Yucca Castle....for Carmen

I have a sweet friend who's momma really liked yucca flowers and birds. This one's for her. Carmen was a sweet little lady. I am honored to have met her and am blessed to have her wonderful daughter in my circle of friends.

Yucca Castle

I stopped to admire the majestic flowers on this yucca near our mailboxes on my way home. When I got out of the car to take pictures and got closer to the stand of plants, I found I had intruded near someone's home. Mr Mockingbird had made a home in these yuccas and gosh darn it, he was on patrol - in a big way! This was his castle and he was pretty proud of it. 

I did this piece on Art Spectrum "Terra Cotta" sanded paper. I knew I wanted the deep portions w/in the yucca flowers to be dark rusty orange, and as I dug through my pile of smaller pieces of colored paper, this one was perfect. I did a bit of under painting in purple. Here's the progression of the painting. At the 3rd photo of the progress, I realized there was a little "face" in one of the yuccas. That had to go! 

I liked this subject so much, I will probably do another version perhaps on UArt Paper which is plain beige and I can do more under painting. It's a bit of a cloudy day today, so I don't think my photos are giving a true color of the painting.

Thanks for following along and allowing me to share my painting efforts with you. If you like what you see, please share!


  1. Love it. Thanks for the links to these. Beauty is a thing that refreshes the soul.

  2. It is my absolute pleasure to share my work. I am honored. Thank you for the comment and for readin.