Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sharp Dressed Men (Yucca)

Sharp Dressed Yucca
20 x 16
I have a new routine on Sunday mornings. As part of the fun things I get to do now "at my age", I get to take this pill once a week and I can't have anything else - no coffee, no other anything, oh - AND stay upright for at least 30 minutes - preferably 1 hour. So the first time I had to do this, I sat and watched the clock until I could have my coffee. Well, that was just silly. So, I made lemons out of lemonade (or Fosamax as the case may be). Instead of watching the clock, I've gone out for a walk in the early morning, snapping pics of my favorite subjects. 

Sharp Dressed Yucca

This is a yucca in bloom around the corner from my house. It was my Sunday morning walk and it was early golden light. I really liked this multi-trunked dude. As I thought about painting him, of course I thought of names. I thought about the beards on these yucca and ZZ Top came to my know...the beards. I couldn't very well name the painting "Dusty, Billy and Frank". So, I thought, yucca are sharp and ZZ Top did have that song "Sharp Dressed Man". Yes, this girl is crazy about a "Sharp Dressed Yucca'. Or, I'm just crazy period....okay, don't answer that.

This is a study/quick work on black Canson Board. The Canson Papers have two sides - one textured and one not. The ones affixed to board have textured side up - which is why it has that very grainy appearance. I think I will definitely do another one like this on regular sanded paper....and...listen to ZZ Top while I paint.

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