Thursday, May 1, 2014

Not another Tequila Sunrise....

I had the great pleasure of hearing some of my pastel heroes speak at the Austin Pastel Society Meeting for April.  Enid Wood reminded us of the importance of community and Rita Kirkman reminded us to use social media often. So, I'm making a commitment to share more and get out of my studio - if only virtually sometimes.

In my upcoming June show (Dos Hermanas - Art of Two Sisters), I'll be sharing a gallery space with my sister Belia Leal Hahn who does alcohol ink, mosaics, and fiber art. For my part, I am focusing on my water landscapes and xeriscape botanicals - to have a juxtaposition of the extremes and show the beauty one can find in both landscapes. Lately, with the drought as it's been in Texas, while we've always thought about xeriscaping, it's even more important now.

Here's a piece that will be in the June show....

Agave Sunrise

For this particular painting, I really wanted to represent how the bottom leaves of the Agave turn colors where they are old and cut. As I began to paint, I lit my incense, turned on my music (I think it was Native American flute that day). As I looked - really looked - to see as Albert Handell says "What is it you most like about your subject- what is it you want to convey?" I liked how from left to right, the leaves went from sea green/yellow to pale blue to more blue to lavender and purple and finally orange/copper as you traveled around and over like the hands of a clock. What I realized is how I really liked the copper/turquoise together. Shadows on the leaves, light into darkness because the sun was on the left. Here is the painting and what I wrote in my art journal as I centered myself and asked for inspiration and guidance for my hands that day....

Agave Sunrise
18 x 24

Time, like the waves of an ocean in the desert
Agave spines, pricking us with their beauty
Sharp lessons to deep cool purple rest
Dance in the grasses of dreams

She became "Agave Sunrise" - a play on Tequila Sunrise. 

As always, I'm interested in your comments. What part of this painting do you like best? How well did my intent and message convey in the paint and image? 

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    1. Thanks Adeel! I appreciate the kind words!

  2. Shared it on Facebook! Thanks for sharing with me and countless others. :) I like the middle the best. I can not describe why. It just stood out for me.

  3. Thanks for the comment and the share on FB! It's always fascinating how each person connects with different aspects of a painting.

  4. A beauty! I attended Art in the Square last weekend - a juried outdoor show in
    Town Square, Southlake, TX. I had a new, more appreciative eye for the pastels. Met a guy who teaches pastel workshops - and I got his info for ya!

  5. Thanks Elaine! I look forward to getting his info from you.

  6. I love this! I've shared on facebook.

    1. Thanks Nina! I appreciate the love and the share on FB!