Saturday, May 3, 2014

I can see leaves and leaves

Earlier this week, I posted a study for a larger piece I was going to work up. So over the week, she's been building. Today I finished her....

Leaves upon Leaves

The inspiration for this painting is an Agave Hiemiflora at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. You've seen the original photo in an earlier post Nice Surprise. What I liked about this particular photo was not only the symmetry of the agave, but that the palos verdes leaves had fallen upon the leaves of the agave and on the ground all around. Hence - leaves upon leaves. Here is the progress - and now you will see how Agave #27 got her name. I paint by number initially, numbering the leaves on my source and sketch so I can keep up with where I am.

Painting by Number - Clockwise 1 - 27

Leaves upon Leaves
20 x 30
Mi Tientes Touch Sanded Board
I hope I colored outside the numbered lines a little bit! I've never been one for following rules anyway. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. I'd love to hear your thoughts - please share and comment away!


  1. I am so enjoying your paintings and blog Anna Lisa. Until the 'AL Experience' I had no idea of the organic mystical experience (for a lack of better words) that contributes to your babies appearing on 'canvas'. Thank you for sharing!
    Bill Brister

    1. Thanks Bill! What a great way you have described the process! I truly do go into a meditative state when I paint and I am happy that aspect is coming through!