Monday, May 5, 2014

Feast your Eyes on This!

It seems the agave are blooming everywhere I look (yeah, I gawk and rubberneck at Agave). Big tall spires that tower over the landscape. Last year, my big blue in the front yard bloomed. It was bittersweet. It was, of course, her last hurrah - and it was magnificent! During the bloom, I was amazed at the number of hummingbirds buzzing about the tower of nectar treats. I can only imagine what it is like to be so tiny and have these huge flower pods - like a big lollipop of sugar for birds. 

Here's an homage to big blue....

Agave Feast

Agave Feast
14 x 7

I took a bit of artistic license with her. Some species of agave tend to have their blooms go a bit more orange, where as many that we see here in Texas tend to stay more yellow. To better see the shadows and colors when I'm painting from a photo, I often edit the image and over saturate the color. I've learned from Liz Haywood Sullivan's books that photos often have incorrectly represented color. In my opinion and with my camera skills, the photos seem washed out to what I see in reality. Maybe, I just see things differently period. 

"Agave Feast" will be in the June Show "Dos Hermanas - Art of Two Sisters". She has been dressed up for the show with a beautiful frame and matting job done by Ursula Overdiek at Hang Ups in Cedar Park. I hope that you have a chance to come out and see her all dressed up!

I've added a new feature to my blog where you get to submit your reactions or impressions about my paintings - there are 3 options in check boxes below the post. They are:

LOVE IT: WOW, this is awesome, definitely think it will sell fast, could maybe even see it on my own walls or the walls of someone I know.

LIKE IT: I'm okay with it, but it doesn't knock my personal socks off. It might sell, but may take awhile to find that special new owner.

HIDE IT IN A DRAWER...QUICKLY: Yikes!! Holy Moly Anna Lisa - what on earth is that? Maybe it's upside down? Yeah, not your best effort....when at first you don't succeed - try try again.

The whole purpose of art is sharing the art and discussing it. While it may have personal meaning, it is made richer by interaction and reaction with others. Looking forward to your thoughts and appreciate all the input you give!

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