Sunday, May 18, 2014

Canon del Rio Pottery

Canon del Rio Pottery
12 x 9
Winding up a workshop weekend with Enid Wood in Jemez Springs, NM at the fabulous Canon del Rio Retreat. Our accommodations and food were beyond compare. The company and instruction were terrific and it was an honor to be in the company of so many talented artists. The event was laid back yet challenging. I know I certainly had my challenges. Sometimes, as hard as you try, a painting just won't come together. Then, when you least expected a painting will "fall off the brush" as Enid says. 

Here's the one that fell off the "brush" this morning. This is a pottery arrangement at Canon del Rio. All I had to do was draw the arrangement that was already so artfully arranged.

But, let's be real, I struggled, scratch that - I fought - with my other pieces.....I can't even bear to name these....but we take the good with the bad. I did the first one on black Canson paper on day 1. On Day 2, I repeated the piece on UArt 500 with a purple under painting. The second has a "dreamy" muted look b/c I erased and reworked it so many times before finally giving in. The lesson learned is that one cannot try and recreate an afternoon painting in the morning. Gotta wait for the right time of day. Overall, I think if I had to choose which version I like, I'd choose day 1 on the black paper.

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