Sunday, April 27, 2014

Room to Run - Brushy Creek

It's been waaaaay too long since my last post. So let's get right to it! Allow me to introduce you to:

Brushy Creek on New Year's Day

I've been painting alot of botanicals, so thought I'd change it up a bit to some landscape and water. I needed one more water piece for the show in June. There is a place I run called Brushy Creek. On New Year's Day, I snapped this photo when I hit the 4 mile mark (where I turned around to go back). Getting to this place was my goal as I had been there before and painted it before (see my website under Landscapes.... - Brushy Creek at 4 mile). 

Brushy Creek on New Year's Day 2014
Someone I know was talking about running at Brushy Creek today, so I knew it was time to post - must have been a sign from my Higher Power. It's also probably a sign I need to  balance and be running more...but oh I love my HOT Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Cedar Park. So many things I like!

Here is the progression of my work on this piece - including the study. 

I'd like to hear your opinions. Feel free to comment on which version you like best of the last two. Enjoy and if you do like what you see, PLEASE, share my post with your friends.

Study on Art Spectrum ColourFix Paper
started 12 x 9 but I cropped to 9 x 9

Underpainting Pastel/Alcohol - UArt 500 Paper
18 x 12

Working Top down with Sky

Adding Oak and Cedars and some Grass

Finishing Trees start
Grasses at Waters Edge
Okay - I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions.
Which version do you like  of the two below?
To Crop or not to Crop - that is the question
Version 1
Finished Painting
Cropped at Bottom
15 x 12

Version 2 you prefer longer and narrow?
16 x 9


  1. I like the larger version...just appeals to me more.

    1. Thank you Jan for your input/vote. I've had a few emails directly too. Currently - votes are tied.