Sunday, April 13, 2014

Patty Melt

I am continuing to draw upon the source material from my trip to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens - which if you haven't done, I HIGHLY recommend. If you can make it while the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit is still in the garden, even better still!

While at the DBG, I took over 200 photos. One was a photo of what some in Texas would call the ubiquitous prickly pear cactus. About this time of year, they are starting to put on new growth - new mini patties and soon the flower which will later become the "prickly pear" also called "Tunas"(which reminded me of REO Speedwagon's album "You Can Tune a Piano but you can't Tuna Fish" - yes, I'm a bit ADHD - and speaking of dogs, there is a cat!)

I really liked how the light hit the cactus that day. Some illuminated and others not, some intense colors if one looked closely and noticed the lower patties close to the ground tend to get pretty weathered and woody. 

Recently, Led Zeppelin as been coming up a lot when driving in the car. I decided to set my Sonos to the Pandora "Led Zeppelin" station. As I painted, I time traveled through Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, CCR, and my very first album -The Animals (which included House of the Rising Sun - "...mamma, tell your children, not to do what I have done...."). Soon, the cactus patties got to be pretty psychedelic. At first, I was considering the name "Roasted Pears" because I imagined the heat and the sun roasting the pears. But then, I realized, my source didn't have a whole lot of pears, but there were patties galore. So, she became....

Patty Melt 
Patty Melt 25 x 19
The more I painted the colors started coming out.....greens, purples, blues, turquoise, goldenrod. My source photo showed flowers on the cacti in the background, but not the foreground. I decided to change that to give the cactus patch a bit more "unity".

It was nice to paint on black paper for a change (oh - and yes, the song "Paint it Black" was on the playlist). Most recently, I've been painting on UArt 500 Sanded Paper. Part of my winnings for the APS Juried exhibition included a pad of black Canson paper. I started a study there, and then went out and got a bigger piece. It's been a nice change! Some artists have a "blue phase", Rick calls this my "cactus phase".

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