Monday, April 28, 2014

Nice Surprise

Sometimes, when I least expect it, something really nice lays down onto the paper. I was back to Mayan Temple incense and Native American Flute music and feeling really relaxed. This little number appeared. I call her...

Agave #27

This is inspired from a piece of one of the over 200 photos I took at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. I really liked the overall symmetry of this beauty. 

Agave #27

I'm trying black Canson paper again (also done w/"Patty Melt"). I was just doing a study using Cretacolor pastel pencils I ordered as a promo set to try their product. I'm pretty happy with how she laid down. My nephew, Alan Corkery-Hahn, who is an artist in Seattle - says sometimes the studies are better than the final piece because we're more relaxed. Yep - very an alien abduction, I was transported to another world and looked down and 2 hours had gone by.

Why is she's how I keep  up with where I am in the drawing...but evidently, I can't keep count very well. 

Enjoy and share!

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