Monday, March 31, 2014

All Dressed up and Ready for Show

WOW! I am absolutely humbled at the outpouring of support you all demonstrated on my behalf yesterday at the Austin Pastel Society Juried Exhibit in downtown Austin! I hear Wayne and Garth in my head "We're not worthy!" I appreciate each of you taking time out of your weekend to come out and navigate the labyrinth that is downtown Austin to see the exhibit and support me. I am thrilled beyond measure to have received an award my first time in this event. It truly felt like I should have received a citation for baring my something or other - it was like being naked in public to have my art judged. But that fear was surpassed by the honor to have my friends and family there for the event, and the award didn't hurt either.

The next exhibit where my art will be displayed is at the Georgetown Public Library. It opened today and will run through April 26. The library is located at 402 W. 8th St. Georgetown, Texas 78626.The Austin Pastel Society will be showing approximately 60 selected works on the bridge and in the west wing gallery. Library Hours are:Mon-Thu 9-8, Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5

Here is a sneak peek (and this time I spelled it correctly!) of the two pieces "All Dressed up and Ready for Show". Meet 

Rick's Chick and Flower Chick

Rick planted a container cactus garden that is in our sitting area by the pond. It includes - hens and chicks and some Aloe (you'll see the Aloe in an upcoming post) I took a photo of "her" in the late afternoon. She was blooming at the time too. When I named the painting "Rick's Chick" it kind of made me think of Hippie Chicks, so the flower became a flower child or "Flower Chick"

Rick's Chick (L) and Flower Chick (R)

The original art is approximately 11 x 8,  matted and framed they are 20 x 16. They can be purchased together or separately - $200 each. 

(By the way- "Venti Agave with Cream" is also for sale -for $750)

Friday, March 28, 2014


There are many openings in life, this one just happens to be me opening my art studio to you. WELCOME!

What to say - so much to say. But pictures are worth a thousand words - and that's what this is all about. Art!

You will have an opportunity to subscribe on the right side of this page - It's EASY. When I update, you'll receive an email delivered to your inbox. No going and looking for the blog page. I'll also link my blog to my website so in case you are there, you can jump right on over! I plan to share not only pics of my work in progress, but my thoughts around the work, and the inspiring thoughts that made that particular subject say "Meg - Paint Me"

So, let's get started with......

Venti Agave with Cream

This weekend, I'll be accepting my award from the Austin Pastel Society's Juried Event for 2014. The award is for Venti Agave with Cream. If you can't make it to the show - here's a sneak peak.

This painting is of a cream spike agave that's in my front garden right along the walk up to the front door. I really liked the thorns that were so many different colors - orange, pink, maroon, purple. I did a study of this first, it was smaller (10 x 8). Then later, larger...a lot larger (27 x 21). So.....that's how the name came to be. Since this agave has a bit of cream, I thought of my favorite Starbucks Coffee hence - VENTI Agave with Cream. The study, being the smallest size is Tall Agave with Cream. Maybe someday there will be a medium GRANDE size. ENJOY!

Tall Agave with Cream

Venti Agave with Cream